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Roger Herto
Station Manager Notes 
MCTV represents for than twenty years or preparation and planning by representatives from the Mifflin County School District, community members, and high school students with a dream. That vision came to fruition on April 20, 2015, when MCTV, with the support of Mifflin County, Lewistown Borough, Nittany Media, Inc., and the Mifflin County School District went live on local cable television. Fittingly our first "live event" was the MCHS morning announcments, which continue to be telecast each day, and the following month our first "live" prime-time event was Measure the Candidates Night on May 6th. As we continue to grow our focus will always be to link our local government and educational issues with the people of Mifflin County.

2020-21 Student of the Year

Coletta Beeler was a member of the Class of 2021 at Mifflin County High school, and served as Director for our Morning Announcements her senior year. In her junior year she instituted many upgrades and changes to our current studio setup. Not only was Coletta one of just a few two-year students with the MCTV Morning Show, but her willingness to volunteer for outside video events and work on the All-Sports video were excellent. Coletta is now at Central Michigan University where she on scholarship with the Lady Chippewa's Field Hockey team. Coletta is just one more reason we are proud to be MC Huskies!

Coletta Beeler.JPG
  Coletta Beeler  

MCHS Class of 2021

2021-2022 MCTV Morning Show Crew

Tanner Ferguson.JPG
  Tanner Ferguson  


  Hayden Hidlay 
  C. J. Gill  


  Hayden Hidlay 
Ellee Garver.JPG
  Ellee Garver 

Video Technician / Features

Taryn Ferguson.JPG
  Taryn Ferguson  

Audio Mixer

Marlaina Boozel.JPG
  Marlaina Boozel  


  Lexie Inzerrillo  
Zander Crader.JPG
 Zander Crader 


Lily Riden.JPG
  Lily Riden 


Zoe Wray.JPG
  Zoe Wray  


Simon Peachey.JPG
  Simon Peachey  


  Trey Hartsock  
Maddie McCarter.JPG
  Maddie McCarter  

Anchor / Features

  Trey Hartsock  
Hailey Johnson.JPG
  Hailey Johnson  


Isaac Hallock.JPG
  Isaac Hallock  

Student Station Manager / Anchor

Drayton Price.JPG
  Drayton Price  

Video Mixer

  Ali Herto  
Tessa Pavlova.JPG
  Tessa Pavlova  

Cameras / Features

Granuaile Moyer.JPG
  Granuaile Moyer  

Streaming Technician

Morgan Kaniecki.JPG
  Morgan Kaniecki  

Scroll Channel / Features

Matt Moore
Station Engineer Notes 
MCTV is a cooperative effort between the county, school district, and Lewistown Borough. Logistically speaking, without the behind the scenes commitments and labors of Comcast, Inc., the Mifflin County School District Technology Department, and Nittany Media, Inc., the station would not be a reality. Officially, MCTV is a EG (education/government) channel. EG channels were mandated by the FCC (Federal Comminucations Commision) in the Communications Act of 1984, as an outlet for localized not for profit coverage of community government and affairs. MCTV is truly a unique venture, which shows what can be accomplished when we all work together for the common good. For me, working with the students is awesome.